SEMA understands what a challenge it can be to manage product data, whether it is weights and measures, accurate descriptions, current pricing, UPC codes or application data to power vehicle specific parts look-ups. That’s why we have undertaken this challenging project to create the definitive, industry owned and operated centralized data repository, complete with a comprehensive set of online data management tools.

We believe that all Manufacturers should have direct ownership of their product data and that it should be configured and stored in the accepted industry ACES and PIES standards. The SDC provides a full-time Data Lab to assist Manufacturers in the onboarding process, and our user-friendly system validates standards compliancy. Once their data is securely stored in our data repository, customers have the ability to receive data exports in any custom or standardized format required to power their internal warehouse, retail and Internet systems.


  • Full Data Lab support throughout the process
  • On-boarding of Manufacturer data from any format electronic file (even an excel spreadsheet)
  • Stringent validation processes ensure data meets SDC requirements
  • Data is stored securely in industry standard PIES and ACES formats
  • Unlimited exports to all approved Resellers at no charge to the Manufacturer
  • Permissions based exports ensures that data is given only to approved Resellers
  • No extra fees for special Reseller requirements
  • One low fixed monthly fee ranging from $150-$600 per month for total participation in on-boarding, validation, secure storage and unlimited standard or custom exports. No setup fees or added charges!
  • Unmatched Speed-to-Market to deliver your updates and changes in near real time
  • Your data included in SEMA Search for use by WD’s & retail sales people for product reference


    • Full Data Lab support throughout the process of creating your exports
    • Unlimited data exports from approved Manufacturers is FREE to SEMA members!
    • Custom export configurations available to fit any Reseller requirements
    • Web services to power internal business applications, POS systems and web sites
    • Scheduled bulk exports or data on demand
    • Instant updates available, as soon as a Manufacturer makes a change
    • Free access to SEMA Search
    • Free API integration to access the SDC data repository real-time


    • Manufacturers maintain complete control and ownership of all data
    • “Do it once” solution consolidates effort and minimizes expense
    • With virtually no barriers to entry, all Manufacturers large and small can join affordably
    • All inclusive, always on, centralized storage & distribution point for industry product data
    • Development and initial operational expenses underwritten by SEMA


    If you are a manufacturer or supplier of automotive parts and accessories, contact us today to learn how we can help “get your data house in order”. Whether you have XML ready PIES and ACES files to send us, or you don’t know where to start, we are here to help.

    Warehouse distributors, retailers and e-tailers should contact us now about your data needs and get signed up as an authorized data Reseller. Be sure to talk to your Manufacturers about joining the SDC!

    The SEMA Data Co-op is truly a collaborative effort to bring Manufacturers and Resellers together to sell more parts and grow your business. We look forward to serving you!


    As a new ecommerce startup in the aftermarket space, I had no idea how important good product data was. But I quickly found out the hard way. Many of the files from my vendors were so poorly organized that they were literally unusable, and my website programmer quit out of frustration. I was about to scrap my project and all I had invested when one of my vendors suggested the SEMA Data Co-op as a data source.
    My new programmer and I went through the training process and within a short time, we were downloading quality data to build the site with. Thanks to the help from the SEMA Data Co-op, my e-commerce store is now up and running.

    Andrew deRojas

    East Coast Retailers LLC

    The SEMA Data Co-op made the onboarding and validation process so absolutely seamless for us, it was unreal! Price changes, data updates and digital asset correlation are just as easy! The full-time Help Desk support assists both Suppliers and Receivers with all data standards, training, and implementation questions. They are experts in the data standards industry and it shows.
    The SDC staff was an absolutely priceless resource in our data transition into full validation and compliance with PIES and ACES standards. Our data is now safely stored, updated, and available for distribution to our authorized Receivers through the SDC PIMS.
    We would like to give a big 'Thank You' to the entire SDC team and staff!

    Vinson Pratt

    Marketing Manager