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Who we are and what we do:

At Rack-Up Equipment, we are dedicated to providing equipment that increases production, increases safety, and increases the bottom line. We started by asking ourselves the simple question€¦ €œThere has to be a better way?€ and today, through a lifetime of experience and the help from professional shops like you, we have produced a line of equipment with universal applications. Through ongoing research and a heart for innovation, we continue to define the future of not only the automotive industry; but also the farming, aviation, heavy diesel and marine industries.

Rack Up 100% made in the usa Equipment designs and builds heavy duty automotive engine & transmission stands and accessories for mechanics, repair shops and garages.Rack-Up Equipment is driven day in and day out by two core values. The foundation of our business is built on Quality and Sourcing. Rack-Up stands behind our quality with a limited lifetime warranty on all our products and we support our local and national economy by being built 100% in the U.S.A.

Gearhead Tested & Approved:

Rack-Up Equipment is a family owned and operated company. It was founded on experience working in the Hunt family garage, restoring classic American street rods and muscle cars. For two generations, the Hunt family has been working with performance engines, transmissions, rear-ends, chassis and more. It is their passion for vehicles that has cultivated the series of products aptly named Rack-Up Equipment.

Tradition's Crossroad:

Robert Hunt, founder of Rack-Up Equipment, experienced first hand the many shortcomings associated with traditional equipment used to restore/ repair and upgrade muscle cars, street rods and performance racing vehicles. He has dealt with flexing, unstable engine stands that are impossible to roll across the floor. He has dealt with workbenches over taken with parts, bolts and hoses. He has been crouched on the ground while working on a axle or gutting a transmission. Which is why, 5 years ago, Rack-Up's founder started developing a series of equipment that today is shaking up the vehicle restoration/ repair and performance racing industries. Rack-Up's innovative integration of strength and organization into traditional equipment has proven to be a welcome twist among experts. No longer is it necessary to put a 2×4 stud under the engine for support, search for the last place you remember placing that bolt or working on the ground re-gearing an axle.


At Rack-Up Equipment, two core values resonate throughout the foundation of the organization. They are the reason we do what we do for our customers and supporters. They are Family and Quality.


Quality in design and manufacturing has always been a part of our roots. We have even been critized for having products that are over built. We don't believe that to be the case because we want to offer a product you know will last. It is also why we manufacturer all our products to the strict requirements of ISO 9002.


At RACK-UP, family is our #1 asset. It is why we are family owned and operated. We believe that when you €œProvide for Family; Family Provides for You.€ This is why we are proud to say that all our products are, and always will be €œDesigned, Built and Patented in the U.S.A.€ Because our family of customers, supporters and employees will always receive the very best America has to offer. Word on the Street: RACK UP Equipment is a leader in the development of total project management equipment for the automotive industry. We are committed to research and development and have several more products in the design stage.

We are not a fly-by-night company. We aim to be your source for project management for the next 100 years if you'll let us. For that reason we want to hear from our men out in the trenches. What do you need? You let us know and we we'll take a serious look at delivering it to you. Seriously!

Years Upcoming:

Hunt Industrial Tools Inc, has plans to unveil several new series of products and to expand on its RACK-UP series over the next several years with a new product or accessories being introduced into production every quarter. Each new tool or piece of equipment will be designed with the intention of streamlining efficiency in the vehicle restoration/ repair and performance racing industry.

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