Keith Black Pistons

United Engine & Machine's KB Performance brand pistons trace their lineage to the techniques and knowledge of legendary engine builder Keith Black, who built some of the most famous race engines of the 70s and 80s. The KB Performance line of pistons takes all that Keith knew and applies modern manufacturing techniques and standards. They come ready for your racing or high performance application straight out of the box.

Created from a high-silicon aluminum alloy, KB Performance pistons are lightweight to improve throttle response and RPM changes while still being strong enough to withstand high compression and high temperatures. Each piston is engineered with race ready features like high upper compression-ring locations, gas-accumulator grooves, drilled oil returns, and spiral-lock retainer grooves.

KB Performance pistons are available for many popular engine makes and displacements. They also come in a variety of compression ratios to suit your performance needs. Have a look through our catalog and find the piston that meets your needs and wants today!

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