CalTrend Automotive Products is committed to manufacturing the highest quality custom tailored seat covers.

With over 20 years of experience in making custom tailored seat covers, CalTrend is recognized as the Nation's leading custom seat covers manufacturer, who have kept their entire manufacturing in the USA.

What sets CalTrend apart from the other custom seat cover manufactures is the fact that our seat covers are truly custom-made in the sense that fit like a glove above the original upholstery and can easily be mistaken as the original upholstery. Our seat covers never interferes with the functions of the seat such as reclining, folding or seat air bag deployment.

Proudly made in the USA, all our custom seat covers are designed andmanufactured using state of the art GERBER computerized CAD/CAM system that insures a perfect precision fit and minimal turn-around time making our delivery time the best in the Industry.

CalTrend headquarters is located in Santa Ana, California. All our custom seatcovers are manufactured at this location. At CalTrend customer needs are our first priority and we thrive to satisfy all our customers.

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