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  • Rory Connell

    Many people think of SEMA as just a show and few know the true power of the benefits that come along with being a member. SDC is one of these golden benefits that we utilize to stay as far ahead of the curve as possible.

    Rory Connell
    Vice President of Sales
    Gibson Performance

  • Danielle Wirth

    Having accurate data is absolutely crucial in our industry, and SDC is our number one resource for detailed and up-to-date information from manufacturers. The site is easy to use and allows for customized downloads at any given time. Their support staff is friendly and helpful and are always willing to walk through step-by-step any new features or areas we’re not familiar with. SDC is truly an invaluable resource for retailers in the automotive marketplace.

    Danielle Wirth
    Toys for Trucks

  • Sam Palmer

    We believe… Data Is King! SDC is an essential extension of our organization to distribute data to our dealer network. They have helped us refine our own data standards and practices. Our combined efforts will continue to grow our reach in the marketplace and further our sales objectives.

    Sam Palmer
    Data Analyst
    Paul Firestine
    IT Senior Manager

  • Randy Walton

    Working with Good Vibrations Motorsports for 15 years, I have learned to embrace new resources like the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC). As a Web Designer and a Technician, the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC) has become a time saver and a very useful tool in dealing with multiple manufacturers. It is a very convenient tool that allows one to grab any digital photo or information on a particular vendor. We have been encouraging all of our vendors to jump on board.

    Randy Walton
    Technician/Sales/Web Designer
    Good Vibrations Motorsports

  • Maxwell Lee

    By partnering with the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC), we are able to deliver our product descriptions and data including specifications, pictures and videos to wholesale distributors, dealers and retailers in the automotive aftermarket efficiently and accurately.
    “We want to be the trusted provider of hand protective gloves in the automotive market,” said Maxwell Lee, CEO and President of Adenna Inc. “To accomplish that we need to meet and exceed expectations of the market with quality products, data and ongoing support.”

    Maxwell Lee
    CEO & President
    Adenna Inc.

  • Mashell Tripp

    Big Mike’s Performance Parts was one of the first members to achieve the Platinum status with SDC, meaning Big Mike’s Performance Parts has reached the pinnacle of data quality and completeness to meet even the most rigorous Receiver’s requirements. Spanning modern muscle, sports, luxury and off road vehicle markets, we currently offer nearly 100 different STO N SHO models. Our product line is continually expanding, and by partnering with the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC), we are able to deliver our product descriptions and data including specifications, pictures and videos to wholesale distributors and retailers in the automotive aftermarket efficiently and accurately.
    We look forward to continuing our partnership with SDC and to providing accurate, updated and complete product data information to the automotive aftermarket via the SDC's secured and structured platform.

    Mashell Tripp
    Director of Sales & Marketing

  • Tim Hau

    When CURT and ARIES on boarded with SDC we become the first supplier / manufacturer to achieve ‘Platinum Status’ immediately. Being platinum means CURT and ARIES data is as content rich as you can get. According to Paul Spornitz of SDC, the modern web shopper is much more likely to buy a product from a company that is rich in content. Having downloadable installation guides and warranty information along with videos and multiple high resolution images is a huge resource to our customers. One of CURT & ARIES’ goals is to be the best at data distribution in the industry. We look forward to continuing to expand on our relationship with SDC.

    Tim Hau
    Chief Information Officer
    Curt Manufacturing

  • Kevin Taddeo

    The industry as a whole in the last 20 years has changed drastically. Every year we move forward there seems to be more and more added value to have accurate data that is updated on a regular basis. Whether you are running a website, parts store or any other automotive related channel, the importance of accurate data is crucial to your success. The work days of yesteryear included calling manufactures for their data every time a new vehicle came out. I remember walking the SEMA show every year asking hundreds of manufactures for their accessory data in a specific format. Then the largest hurdle of making sure they sent me the updated information on a regular basis. I get a headache just thinking about it. We now have a solution through the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC), that does just that. I receive Application data from their easy to use system as often as I want/need it. It also is much easier for the manufactures as well, because instead of having to keep thousands of people updated on a regular basis they are now only keeping the SDC updated… and the SDC takes care of the rest. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

    Kevin Taddeo
    Sr. Product Manager
    AddOnAuto, a Reynolds and Reynolds Company

  • Stan Demas

    Thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America Joined the SEMA Data Co-op last year before the SEMA Show. As a result we have seen a streamlining of our data distribution. It is now easier for our customers to get clean and reliable data/images. We currently have over 3600 part numbers and 90,000 applications with the SDC. Bilstein is rated as a SDC Gold member with the goal of becoming a Platinum member soon. Thank you SDC for providing a data distribution platform for our industry.

    Stan Demas
    Head of Product Management
    Thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America

  • Lee McGuire

    Here at Superlift we take our data very seriously because we know how important the right information is in the hands of our customers. SDC has provided a central location for dealers large and small to get the correct data in the format they need and quickly. We are glad to have been part of SDC from the beginning and will do what we can get more partners and dealers involved. Taking over as Director of Marketing, I want to make sure to continue our efforts with the SEMA Data Co-op and provide our customers and dealers with the right data when they need it.

    Lee McGuire
    Director of Marketing

  • Joanie Mundy

    When I started in the industry almost 10 years ago, requesting data from manufacturers was a huge obstacle. I spent many hours on the phone and sending emails trying to gather any data I could to try to turn it into useful information. Creating reliable and accurate data for thousands of part numbers was a challenge. Fast forward to today, where I can simply login to a website, download whatever I need - in the format I need - update our database, and I’m done. SDC has made it that easy! As an ever growing WD, our data needs sometimes change almost overnight, which is no problem because SDC’s Data Lab is always available and eager to assist. Their passion for the industry is clearly shown. It’s always a pleasure working with the SDC team!

    Joanie Mundy
    Director of Data Management
    Meyer Distributing

  • Andy Holzmer

    One of my distributors mentioned the SDC to me and I was immediately hooked! As more and more sales move online, the biggest obstacle is creating reliable and accurate item data for tens of thousands of part numbers. The mere thought of doing it manually and keeping on top of updates was a daunting task. The SDC makes it a seamless process as it continues to normalize product and fitment data between manufacturers and retailers. Normalizing the data and keeping it readily available creates a great environment for retail customers, as each part number has a universal description across marketplaces. My data feed from the SDC exponentially increased both the volume and detail of my online product listings.

    Andy Holzmer
    Rovo LLC

  • Ed “Blake” Burgy

    As one of the Beta test companies for SDC, we were excited to get in on the ground floor of this great endeavor to library all the critical product data of SEMA manufacturers around the world. In today’s highly digital marketplace we knew it was imperative to have our product data organized and available to our distributors/customers. SDC has provided a great resource that is only getting better; with their capabilities and reach continually growing. Even if you are a manufacturer that deals with other data providers, being part of the SDC data set just makes sense to ensure the best possible reach to your customers and to make sure they get the right data and that it is updated on a regular basis.

    Ed “Blake” Burgy
    VP, Sales & Marketing
    Fidanza Performance

  • Craig Lancaster

    Supplying our partners with accurate and complete data is an integral part of a successful relationship with our distribution partners and, ultimately, selling more parts to the customer. Prior to joining the SDC it was always a cumbersome and time consuming effort to get this data to our partners and make it fit into their template, which were always different. Now with the SDC, we have one place that we can keep our data organized and up to date while giving our partners one convenient and easy place to obtain it, which has eliminated a barrier and gotten our information and products out to more customers.

    Craig Lancaster
    MAHLE Engine Components USA, Inc.

  • Scott Weyerman

    Let me just say, we at TITAN Fuel Tanks, have a great respect for the SEMA DATA COOP team. I know we have been a SEMA member for quite some time, and I believe we have been with the SDC since the beginning. In September 2012, I was tasked with providing our product data to the SDC. This proved to be a huge task, but doable, with your support and encouragement I was able to provide the PIES data and have helped maintain this data set for the last two years. This has been a huge asset to our sales efforts.
    As you know, I have personally been just overwhelmed/stifled by the ACES data. Not any more, thanks to Mike at TITAN and the SDC Team and what we have accomplished together. I am very glad to now have TITAN PIES data validated and to be at the Bronze level with the SDC. This was honestly, a feat that I did not know was doable just by the enormous amount of data stock-piled in our aftermarket pickup truck industry. To have TITAN products quantified at this level is indeed a solid milestone.
    I have said this before, and let me say again - Kudos to everyone that participated, this sure was a win for everyone.
    Here’s to a bright and adventurous future together!

    Scott Weyerman
    Inventory Manager
    TITAN Fuel Tanks

  • Andrew deRojas

    As a new ecommerce startup in the aftermarket space, I had no idea how important good product data was. But I quickly found out the hard way. Many of the files from my vendors were so poorly organized that they were literally unusable, and my website programmer quit out of frustration. I was about to scrap my project and all I had invested when one of my vendors suggested the SEMA Data Co-op as a data source.
    My new programmer and I went through the training process and within a short time, we were downloading quality data to build the site with. Thanks to the help from the SEMA Data Co-op, my e-commerce store is now up and running.

    Andrew deRojas
    East Coast Retailers LLC

  • Vinson Pratt

    The SEMA Data Co-op made the onboarding and validation process so absolutely seamless for us, it was unreal! Price changes, data updates and digital asset correlation are just as easy! The full-time Help Desk support assists both Suppliers and Receivers with all data standards, training, and implementation questions. They are experts in the data standards industry and it shows.
    The SDC staff was an absolutely priceless resource in our data transition into full validation and compliance with PIES and ACES standards. Our data is now safely stored, updated, and available for distribution to our authorized Receivers through the SDC PIMS.
    We would like to give a big 'Thank You' to the entire SDC team and staff!

    Vinson Pratt
    Marketing Manager

  • Marc Lewis

    Today's digital marketplace makes it easier for consumers to purchase our products from countless aftermarket dealers. While this is a definite plus for the distribution of our product, one of the negatives of this is that product information fed to consumers is not always accurate. By building and submitting our product and application data to the SEMA Data Coop for distribution, we have complete control over the product data that is supplied to jobbers and online dealers. This ensures that the product information and digital assets used by these resellers is uniform worldwide.

    Marc Lewis
    Vice President, Marketing
    Hedman Performance Group

  • Greg Raymond

    ACES and PIES data distribution is mandatory in today’s highly competitive marketplace. SDC consistently adds value to their system to enhance our data feeds and provide our distribution partners with accurate, up to date and enriched product information.

    Greg Raymond
    PerTronix Performance Products

  • Luke Van Woensel

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the People at the SDC. They have done a great job in helping our company receive data for our many Manufacturers. As you all know, sometimes the data that we receive does not always work on the first try. The SDC has always been very helpful with any file that does not work and has helped us figure out what needs to change or what is wrong. Thanks SDC for helping us understand the importance of Data and what it can do for the Automotive Industry.

    Luke Van Woensel
    Product Development Manager

  • Donnie Eatherly

    The SDC program is something this industry has needed for a long time. We have experienced tremendous sales grow with the availability of data formatted in a way we can easily load our systems with.
    It’s allowed us to tap markets that previously were untouchable because of the data needs. I see this program as a necessity for anyone moving SEMA products in all channels for many years to come. Kudo’s to SEMA and staff for taking on such a monumental task for our industry.

    Donnie Eatherly
    P&E Distributors Inc.

  • Dave Gerard

    We have received very positive responses to what the SDC has to offer and the fact that we are part of the program. It's a major priority at Pypes to keep our data up to date and accurate. Complete data is nothing we could offer our customers in the past and has been a barrier to entering some new accounts, so from a sales stand point joining the SDC is another plus for us.

    Dave Gerard
    Major Account Manager
    Pypes Performance Exhaust

  • Jon Pestinger

    As a manufacturer, providing product information in a timely manner to our customers is of paramount concern. By localizing and standardizing an entire industry worth of data into one place, SDC has enabled our valued customers to obtain accurate and detailed information about any of our products at their discretion. From early testing stage until now, the SDC has always been ready and willing to assist with any questions or issues that may arise. Thanks to the entire SDC staff for creating and maintaining a much needed and valuable asset to both Aeromotive and the entire industry.

    Jon Pestinger
    National Sales Manager
    Aeromotive Inc.

  • Russell Stephens

    Thank you SEMA for pioneering the SEMA Data Co-op program. MSD Performance believes uniform data standards for our industry are extremely important. This is why MSD signed up to be one of the pilot test manufacturers. Having standardized data for our industry will help everyone sell more products. I hope everyone will take advantage of this great service provided by the SEMA Data Co-op.

    Russell Stephens
    MSD Performance

  • Melanie White

    The SEMA Data Co-op team has been so helpful during all phases of the process of data updates. The team is very knowledgeable and helpful in all things data related. I really have enjoyed working with the team SEMA has put together.

    Melanie White
    Hellwig Products

  • Tony Fileccia

    Having the opportunity to visit our customers on a weekly basis, getting their input and feedback on their day-to-day sales, it’s becoming clear that websites are taking the place of print catalogs & the internet generates a large amount of the revenue for the stores. With the larger “internet only” companies taking advantage of our higher end product line, we need to be able to deliver our detailed data to them quickly, accurately & efficiently. We have a number of choices, foot notes and application guidelines with our suspension products that need to be relayed to the retail consumers. SDC gives them a great tool to use to get all the information they need.

    Tony Fileccia
    Outside Sales

  • Chris Crecelius

    Working with the SEMA Data Co-Op team has made it easier for us to get our PIES data file up to standards. They have also been very helpful with information in the development of our first ACES file. I recommend getting in touch with them before you start trying to develop your own PIES and ACES data.

    Chris Crecelius
    National Sales Manager

  • Dave Williams

    I am glad to see that companies are looking to the SEMA Data Co-op as a source. We have been supportive since the first focus group! Keep up the good work

    Dave Williams
    VP Sales & Marketing
    Rampage Products

  • Eric Coomer

    We are just so happy that the SDC is now the central hub for standardized data and the AAIA keeps the look-up tables (VCdb and PCdb) also standardized. It has been a lot of work to integrate everything into our site, but it’s well worth it.

    Eric Coomer

  • Tim Lint

    I love the import tool within the PIMS. I was able to load so much information today!

    Tim Lint
    Director of Digital Services
    31 Incorporated

  • Henry Hancock

    At the 2012 SEMA show, the SEMA Data Co-op team did a great job teaching and illustrating how important this new service will be to all SEMA members. Thanks to the SDC’s effective PR campaign launched several years ago, we have been working hard at Hotchkis to bring our data up to standard. Thankfully it all came together and we were ready to load our data just as they were preparing to go live with PIMS. We really look forward to taking advantage of PIMS as it will be the first time we have the authority to affect our data in real time.

    Henry Hancock
    General Manager
    Vice President of Sales
    Hotchkis Performance

  • Mike Zeranski Jr.

    Thank you for your help in setting everything up over the last year. I will continue to add to our data and make it richer. I hope to see the SDC become a key part of our relationship with our customers in the coming year.

    Mike Zeranski Jr.
    General Manager
    Canton Racing Products

  • Ryan Brantley

    We have a lot of experience using SDC data in a short amount of time; we have been using SDC daily for ~3 weeks. We have done a major integration with ACES to get SDC to work seamlessly with our system. We have already imported over 70K vehicle/part combinations into our catalog using the data you provide.

    Ryan Brantley
    Complete Auto Source

  • Dave Gerard

    We have received very positive responses to what the SDC has to offer and the fact that we are part of the program. It's a major priority at Pypes to keep our data up to date and accurate. Complete data is nothing we could offer our customers in the past and has been a barrier to entering some new accounts, so from a sales stand point joining the SDC is another plus for us.

    Dave Gerard
    Major Account Manager
    Pypes Performance Exhaust