CARB EO Assistance

Have you heard about the update relating to CARB (California Air Resources Board) and how it affects your data management for emissions-related products?  In late 2014, the Auto Care Association Technology Standards Committee established a work group to address this issue of which the SEMA Data Co-op was a co-facilitator.  The work group determined that a new preferred method to communicate CARB compliance will now be through the ACES Standard, using the QDB's Qualifier ID number 22775, which allows manufacturers to map CARB Executive Order Numbers to specific part-vehicle applications. Because of the new Part-Vehicle Application dependency, the SDC will be moving away from the previously used PIES Attributes and EXPI EMS code as an acceptable way of communicating this information.  We urge our Suppliers to make the necessary changes to your part numbers in our system.  For more information or help with these changes, please contact us!