Omix-ADA SDC Log-In

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Thank you Omix-ADA customer for visiting the SDC.  If you are an SDC Receiver, please click here to log-in to our PIM system and download the latest updates from the Omix-ADA brands.


If you are not an SDC member, please know we are the definitive centralized point for building, storing and distributing product data in compliance with the established industry data standards. Our Suppliers are in complete control of their data, and we have a permissions system in place that allows them to approve all data requests.  Once approved, you can access the data as frequently as you like, even daily net change updates.  We are making product data available in near real-time and formatted to your individual requirements.  A manufacturer can upload a new product today, and you can have it on your site tomorrow!   

Updates are sent via our scheduler, so you can create daily, weekly, or monthly automated feeds (including combinations like days of the week or dates of the month).  You can also pull data at any time – you do not have to wait for us to push it on an automated feed.  


Also, we provide data free to SEMA members!  As long as your company is a member of SEMA in good standing, you will enjoy unlimited access to all approved Suppliers at no cost to you.  Non-SEMA members only pay $100 per month for unlimited access to the SDC.  You can learn more about a SEMA membership here and even join right online.  A “Retailer” membership in SEMA is much less expensive than our program on annual basis, and you have the additional perks of all the SEMA member benefits.


If you would like to join the SDC, and access all the Omix-ADA brands along with more than 300 others (with Supplier approval), please provide the following information: