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Founded in the automotive aftermarket heartland of Southern California in 1998, Steelcraft Inc. is the premier manufacture of truck and SUV accessories. With corporate offices, warehousing, research and development, strategically located in Corona California, Steelcraft is home to the finest team of dedicated employees with hundreds of years of cumulative automotive expertise.

For the longest time one of the hardest parts of doing business is getting the important information and data that you want your customer to have, to them.  For years past this involved a dedicated person (generally the account manager) to spend a ridiculous amount of time custom tailoring an excel spread sheet to each individual customer’s needs.  This process would take away valuable time from the salesmen’s job, of selling parts.  Today this has changed.  Steelcraft Automotive group has chosen to team up with the SEMA Data Co-Op to make this process simple, fast and cost effective.

Here at Steelcraft we offer thousands of SKU’s with multiple applications, ensuring that all of our distributors and jobbers are up to speed on application and pricing used to be a challenge to complete in a timely manner.  Now, with the majority of our customer base joined in, the process updates are readily available with a simple click of a mouse.  Here at Steelcraft we pride ourselves on being first to market with new applications and fitment updates, but you can only truly be first to market if your customers know about the new stuff first. Not having a multi-million dollar IT department (we have IT George), SDC solved this issue for us.  

As part of our sales plan when approaching new and current customers we refer our customers to visit and enroll in the Data transfer program, not only to benefit them, but on the back side help to increase our sales and market foot print as well.  Having the ability to provide digital assets instantly ensures that our customers have the latest and great eye candy at a moment’s notice!

We look forward to a long relationship with the SDC. Continued growth with the rapid information exchange programs, this type of program can offer endless growth to both manufactures and resellers alike!

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