Inside the SDC – The Process Map

Follow the map below to see the flow of data into and through the SEMA Data Co-op

  1. Suppliers on-board product data in any available electronic format from a simple Excel spreadsheet to PIES and ACES XML files.  Complete files can go straight to the Product Information Management System (PIMS) tool for validation, otherwise…
  2. SDC Help Desk services engage with supplier to configure data and prepare for validation process
  3. The PIMS provides self service on-boarding tools and validation processes to ensure that only accurate, clean data flows into the repository.  Always on web based PIMS allows suppliers to author, modify and update data at any time
  4. The data repository is an always on, continuously updating database housing product data in industry standard PIES and ACES formats
  5. The export process begins with permission-based security that gives suppliers total control of who is authorized to receive their product data
  6. Data then flows through a secure online export tool
  7. And receivers get their data feeds in standard ACES and PIES format, or any custom format required
  8. Web services allow connection to power internal business systems, retail point of sale and web sites
  9. Future applications driven by the co-op including a comprehensive Internet based catalog (SEMA Search)

process map