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DevilsOwn Injection

DevilsOwn© is the one-stop best source for your Methanol/Water Injection System needs. We offer a complete selection of parts and accessories at the best competitive prices around. From our tank tap adapter with incorporated filter, to our streamlined nozzle holder, each part in our system has been engineered to perform in the most strenuous conditions while maximizing the best output for vehicle. We offer a specifically designed 300psi internally bypassed pulse free pump to use with methanol/water injection. Our nozzles remain rust free and produces a razor-crisp 80 degree spray pattern. The DevilsOwn© Progressive Methanol Controller is the smallest and most reliable controller on the market. While other companies say they are the best, we don’t have to brag all over cyberspace, those who know buy here because our equipment consistently outperforms expectations and competition.

DevilsOwn© Benefits Include: • Increased horsepower safely by 10-15%. • Lowered air temperatures by 50-200+ degrees. • Decreased cylinder temperatures up to 300 degrees. • Reduced effects of heat soak in warmer climates. • Allowable running of more boost and timing safely. • Reduced carbon and assistance maintaining a clean combustion chamber. • Increased octane at user programmable boost levels.

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